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ACGC - Specialized Stand Alone Panel Applications

Benefits of Stand Alone Fencing Panels

“Ground disturbance issues are a major concern for fencing installations”

Through the years we have created solutions to establish practical ways to reduce / eliminate ground disturbance issues and frost heaving situations. With these solutions we have implemented a different approach using our ACGC Stand Alone Panel Applications. These chain link panel applications provide rigid fence systems and allow the owner to disassemble the configuration for work overs or reconfigure for alterations.

Fencing Contractor Services based in Drayton Valley, Alberta

AC GC Enterprises Ltd provides chain link fencing for Industrial, Commercial and Warehouse properties. Specializing in fence construction and repair for the Oil and Gas Industry in all areas in the Province of Alberta. Providing yard security from intruders, safety protection for company personnel and general public. ACGC offers both temporary and permanent chain link fence for oil field equipment, plants, headers, batteries as well as for businesses, construction sites and yards.

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George Cawthorne

Bus # 780-621-0694

Cell # 780-898-4690

ACGC - Email address acgcent @ (no spaces)

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Vertical Pivot Gate System

2600' Linear Feet of Free Standing, Medium Duty Chain Link Fencing Panels

with ACGC stand alone panel stands.

Gate systems are 50 ft opening double slide cantilevers

permanently installed on top of piles

Custom built chain link fencing panels designed for facilities with berms and swales

6 Foot Residential Chain Link Fencing Installation

Full Colour White with Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fabric

Complete with Maximum Privacy Fencing Slats

ACGC Panels and Stands

(Zero ground disturbance)

Chain Link Fence, Oil Industry yard, Drayton Valley, AB.

Tower Site with Chain Link & Barbed Wire Perimeter Fence

Fenced Enclosure on Catwalk at Power Plant

8 Foot X 30 Foot Wide Opening Cantilever Gate System

Stand Alone fencing designed by ACGC Fencing

ACGC - Email address acgcent @ (no spaces)

Safety First - Bighorn Dam, Alberta - Fence restoration after erosion

Bighorn Dam, Alberta - Fence Repair in progress

Pump Jack fence enclosures located in Brazeau County

5 Foot Residential Chain Link Fencing Installation

Full Colour Black with Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fabric

ACGC Panels and Stands

Riser site, valve station enclosure for pipeline facilities

(Zero ground disturbance)

ACGC Free Standing System

Waste bin enclosure with double swinging gate

Vehicle accessiblity

School Yard - Curved fence - restricting children from crossing parking area

6 Foot High - Full Colour Black Schedule 40 Heavy Duty Commercial Fence

Custom Built Contoured Fencing Panels

ACGC Specifications # 2 Heavy Duty Chain Link Fencing

ACGC Free Standing Panel Systems

Stand Alone fencing designed by ACGC Fencing